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 Loving & Playful Boston Terrier Puppies

I recently bought two male Boston Terrier puppies from Jennifer. I had worries & reservations beforehand about buying a puppy online. Jennifer was just wonderful! She proved very trustworthy right from the get go....calling me when promised, following up when necessary, providing promised information in the most timely manner, etc. When shipping the puppy, everything needed & helpful was sent with the puppy to make the puppy's journey as comfy as possible. Informational documentation was conveniently available to me both with the shipment & emails she sent to me. Every step went smooth as silk! Plus, she is very, very sweet & fun to deal with! She is your friend instantly! Our little Bostons are sweethearts & we look forward to many happy years loving the boys thanks to Jennifer's expertise & caring manner!

Reviewer: Robert, December 20, 2013             

 We found the best Boston Terrier breeder !!

Me and my hubbie , have been looking for a Boston Terrier puppy for 5 months. We called and went to her house and picked out a puppy. We got the puppy on Wensday and we took him to the vet today for a check up, the vet said he was very health. He is a very playful puppy. When we picked him up ,Jennifer sent puppy food, collar, leash, shot record and he was micro chipped. Jennifer is very nice and care about her puppies. If you want a healthly , happy and a well care for Boston Terrier puppy. Call Jennifer, We will buy from again. Thank you Vicki

Reviewer: vicki, December 8, 2013              

Angel the Dalmatian

I recently purchased a Dalmatian puppy from Jennifer and was terribly nervous about the purchase and shipping because it was my first time. I needed reassurance so I asked her to send me multiple pics and videos of the puppy. She sent them without a qualm. She kept me updated and sent pics of her at the vet getting her health check and the pics of her getting on her flight. She is a great seller. I am impressed and will definitely buy from her again in the next decade. Angel is a healthy, sweet, energetic Dalmatian. I love her. Thanks Jennifer.

Reviewer: Meedee, March 24, 2013               

 Wonderful Boston Terrier Puppy!

Thanks Jennifer, I love my puppy. My puppy came to me just like Jennifer described him. Jennifer was very easy to talk to and I was able to reach her every time I called or texted her. I would buy from her again ! Megan

Reviewer: Megan, March 21, 2013       


I know many people are buying puppies online. I just want you to know that this is a safe happy environment to get a puppy from. We recently got our first English Bulldog from Michelle and her mother. We've been to their home twice. Michelle will gladly answered all of our questions. ALL of the dogs are happy, healthy, and well handled. We got to meet not only the pups but also her parents. While we were out on the second trip she had several Pug babies. The mothers were doing well and the babies looked great.All of her puppies are borned and raised in her home. She is fabulous and how she raises her babies is above reproach. Michelle is very knowledgeable and caring. She's always been glad to answer any phone calls or emails. If you are looking for a well handled, wonderfully cared for, beautiful edition to your family-You should call Michelle. Thank you so much, Karen

Reviewer: Karen, March 23, 2012                  

fullname: Julie Scott          01/05/2011
comments: Jennifer is the most caring person I have ever dealt with over the internet.  She answered all my questions about the Pug we were looking for and sent me pictures several times before I actually picked her up.  The puppy is a doll- we couldn't be any happier with her than we are!  She is so full of life and has brought so much happiness to our home.  I would recommend this seller to everyone- she is truly wonderful!  Thanks so much for bringing Penny into our home and for being such a trustworthy, organized and caring person.

fullname: Nicole    12-24-2010
comments: I just became the mommy to one of Jennifers Black pug babies and I couldnt be happier!! He's so adorable friendly LOVING.. perfect pet! Jennifer was amazing in the process easy to work with answered all my questions and helped me feel reassured that the puppy was the perfect fit for our family and she was right! Thanks for much jennifer my son loves his new puppy " Zubie" :)

 From :  Caitlin  Sep.14,2010
comments:  Jennifer was so helpful and caring. She was organized and also went out of her way to make sure everything went smoothly and that my new pug puppy was cared for.  I received him at 12 weeks and he adjusted well and was able to learn proper potty training easily, mostly in thanks to Jennifer.  Thank you again for the wonderful new addition to my family.

 From Megan June 26, 2010

I purchased a beautiful little girl Pug from Linda and Jennifer 2 years ago and ,I was alittle worried about shipping but she came so healthy and happy. Jennifer really knows Pugs and has always answered all of my questions on this breed. I just purchase 2 more puppies from them, now I have 3 Pugs and I love just them. Linda and Jennifer are breeders you can trust. THANK YOU Linda and Jennifer for letting me have such beautiful healthy and happy little Pugs. I will Send you picture of them soon. Megan


Excellent and Wonderful Breeder

I was scared to buy a puppy online. But my experience with Jennifer was real great. Jennifer kept me updated every step of the way. Jennifer went out of her way to make sure the transaction went smooth as possible. Jennifer really cares about her puppies and dogs as well as the families she sells to. I will defiantly purchase my next puppy from Jennifer. Thank You, Cathy

 Cathy, April 16, 2009   

The Most Sweetest Adorable Mal-Shi Puppies

I must say that these two Mal-Shi puppies are absolutely adorable and are so smart! Things I loved about the seller is that there were fast responses, friendly talks on the phone, and very open minded to any questions and concerns! They were nothing but wonderful to me! I'll have to admit, at first "puppyfind.com" was a little skeptical to me, just because it seemed very generic and non-chalant like about buying puppies, but once I started talking with her, she made me feel very comfrotable about my purchase! Very sweet sellers. Needless to say, I loved working with them on getting our new additions to our home. We got 2 of the most adorable puppies and I'm sure the rest of the litter is like that!They were very good sellers! Thank you, James

James Jay, October 23, 2008


this guy is such a beautiful baby! I'm looking 4 a certain looking Peek-A-Boo.In 2004 I will never 4-get the image in my head of this 4yr. old bou that was walking the cutiest little dog id ever seen!I was unfamiliar w/the breed.When I asked the little boy what kind of dog this was he said "peek-a-boo". my search was on! Your doggie is adorable!Black&white -white paws like wearing socks!White belly,w/a face like a mask.CAN U HELP ME FIND MY LITTLE GUY?

 melissa, October 10, 2008

I Love My Little Shih Tzu Boy

I purchased my Shih Tzu puppy through A and J Puppy Paradise. Jennifer sold me my puppy and was very helpful throughout my purchase.I had many questions and she answered them all with patience and honesty.As for our puppy,he is healthy,happy, playful, cuddley and very well adjusted,he's got an amazing disposition and we are truly lucky to have him.If you are looking for a healthy, socialble puppy,I highly recommend A and J Puppy Paradise. Thank you, Thank you so much for my Little Boy.

Reviewer: Alice, April 22, 2008

Full Name : Tim Rosario
email: timinfo@buyinflatables.com
comments: Our Morkie ( maltese & Yorkie ) puppy ( Mr. Beans ) is just too adorable.Jennifer had a picture of him on her site,just about the size of a coke can.My wife fell in love with him,so I bought him for her for Xman.2months later...he's a lot bigger than a 2- litter bottle of coke now...and He has become my best little buddy.Thank you Jennifer!!

Email Mikes1973@aol.com
Comments:WE LOVE OUR PUPPY ( SWEET PEA ) I just want to let you know Sweet Pea is doing great! She's the sweetest little girl, and great with my kids.She was the best Christmas gift for the hold family.My wife and kids was so surprised when I brought her home ,because I told them they couldn't have a puppy. Thank you for all your help. It's obvious you truly care about the health & well being of your puppies. She is very healthy and is eating great. We couldn't imagine our family without her. We ketp the name Sweet Pea. I will send you some pictures of her and my family.Please put us on your happy customer page, because we're very very happy with our little girl.I e-mailed my whole family with you website because as far as I'm concerned you’re the only place I'd go to buy a small breed puppy. Thank you, Mike

Great Breeder

I purchased a male shipoo named CJ from Jennifer a few weeks ago which we have since renamed to Cash. I felt comfortable from the moment I first spoke to her. She is genuinely concerned about her puppies and wants the best for them. She called me several times AFTER I had already received the puppy just to check on him, to make sure I picked him up from the airport, to see how his first vet appointment went, etc. She was very professional and cared about where her puppy ended up. We love him so much that we can't imagine our home without him now. It feels good to know that Cash came from a loving place!

 sloane, December 26, 2007  

The best Puppy

Jennifer was very helpful and answered all of my questions even after our English Springer Spaniel (Jake's Sister) arrived. This puppy is so smart. She was 13 weeks when she joined our family and learned to sit, give her paw and lays down. Potty training came very easy to her also. I will be sure to refer Jennifer to people we know. Thanks Jennifer for a GREAT Puppy

gail, April 8, 2007   


I bought a male Miltpoo from Jennifer for a Christmas gift for my daughter.The puppy I got from Jennifer is the best puppy I have ever had.The puppy is real playful and smart.My daughter just loves him ,But I think I love him more.The puppy came with everything it would need to get started off right in his new home.She takes great care of her puppies.She will answer all of you question no matter how many you have. I know, she answer all of mine, and I had a lot of them.So please buy a puppy from Jennifer before you buy from anyone else.She is a great breeder. I cannot say how much we love our puppy. THANK YOU    

Reviewer: Sam, January 14, 2007   

Great Breeder

Jennifer is wonderful and great to deal with, she was always extremely accomodating and friendly when ever I had questions. Jennifer has a lot of experience breeding and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Jennifer and all of her puppies. I am in love with my new Bichon Frise and she is very affectionate. Thank you for everything! Nikki S.

Reviewer: Nikki, November 11, 2006  

I Found the PERFECT Breeder

Jennifer is a great breeder. Even before I purchased my puppies from her, I felt like I had known her for years. The babies are in perfect health and she does a great job raising the babies. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for a pug puppy, that you contact Jennifer first.

Reviewer: Laur, November 8, 2006


I bought a rottweiler puppy from Jennifer at A and J Puppy Paradise. She was so adorable and cute. Jennifer sent me pictures of the parents and the puppies.I picked out the puppy that I wanted.The puppy that I picked was so cute. When I went and got her, she was more adorable than the pictures,She was 13lb when I got her. She is 50 lb now. Jennifer at A and J Puppy Paradise take real good care of her puppies and dogs. They love to be played with and held.I will recommend Jennifer ( A and J Puppy Paradise ) to anyone that is looking for a great puppy.She has great service. Thank you so much Jennifer for my rottweiler,Her name is Teka now.

Reviewer: Tiffany, May 29, 2006

I had a wonderful experince with this breeder

I was very nervous about buying my Cockapoo online from a breeder. When I spoke to Jennifer,I was not so nervous any more. I felt really comfortable with her.Jennifer sent me picture of the puppy I picked out every week until she was ready to come home. When I got her she was to die for, she was so beautiful. I mean beautiful more than the pictures I got every week. The next day after I got her home,I took her to my veterinarian for a check up. My Veterinarian who I work for give her 100 % on her health check. Jennifer takes great care of her puppies. I hightly reccomened her.If you have any questions about her you can e-mail me. Thank you so much

Reviewer: michelle, May 25, 2006   

Thank you very much Max ( cockapoo )

Hi Jennifer, Just a note to thank you for Max.He certainly is a very special puppy and has estsblished a place in my heart.He has all of his puppy shots and rabies shots now.I had him nutered yesterday, and My vet likes the hybrids as it is a way of avoiding serious health problems in some breeds.He continually amazes me.I am enjoying watshing him grow up.As I told you,I have never had the opporturnity of watching a 12 week old puppy grow up before my very eyes.I love Max. Thank you, Linda

Reviewer: Linda, January 31, 2006

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